Found a Seda GpsyPL 15 ft sit-in sea

kayak for sale for cheap…$300. It has a beam of 24". Was wondering if anyone has fished from one or can comment on its stability. I do like the idea of it being a fairly speedy kayak. Most of my fishing is on lakes and slow rivers and I want to be able to camp form the kayak. The Gypsy appears to have good storage.

Try and decide.
I’ve never paddled this boat but with a beam of 24" it should be more than stable enough to be suited for fishing. I have a Old Town Castine which i think has a beam of 25" and it is rock solid for fishing.

In fact it’s my favorite fishing boat.

The guy didn’t respond to my email,
reported it sold the next day, and I bought an Old Town Loon 138, which better fits my kitchen sink style of fishing.