Found lures

I am always finding lures when I am yak fishing. At the end of the year my found lures come close to equaling my lost lures. What are some of the lures you have found?

I usually find lots

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of in-line spinners and crank baits on the 'Doah. The spinners and crank baits have exposed treble hooks which are just the thing to snag rocks and submerged logs in the river. I don't generally find many, mostly because I don't look for them, but a few times a year, a glint of chrome or an odd color under the water will catch my attention.

And sitting in the yak makes them easy to grab and add to the "arsenal". Found a broken-back Rapala that was nearly brand new a couple of years ago. It's now scarred and beaten up from all the smallmouth attacks it's endured and caught. Sure would hate to lose it...but it won't be the first time that it's been lost!

sea witches
are most common,but a fair amount of big lipped deep divers and least a dozen deep troll balls a year

Lures and more goodies…
We find lures all the time too. We find most of them on our trout waters, White River below Beaver Lake. Beaver opened the flood gates 2 days ago,… so we went down a creek to a Resort and could stand in the canoe a reach a phone line a retrieved about 6 in one cutting(we cut the lines the lures was connected to,…not the phone line…ok). That`s the fast and easy way. We also get anchors off the bottom of this river all the time. I got this real niffty one last time, it can be used as a weight and then you can turn it upside down and empty the sand out of it and it becomes a buoy. Nice find…Score!!!

all kind of stuff
I have found countless lures some very old(wodden jitterbugs) some looking like they just hung up. I found 2 rod reel combos anchors, motorcycle helmets, slingshots coolers, sunglasses,knives,and other stuff I cannot remember now. It helps to move slowly close to the water. I do best for lures at winter draw on lakes and summer on rivers.

Crankbaits mostly
I usually find crankbaits. This past year I’ve found 5 or 6. Rapala fat shads, Rat-L-Traps, Norman deep divers. Pretty cool to add $25 worth of lures to the tackle box without opening my wallet!

dentures found
key west harbour,please e-me to id and I’ll send them

Flies, flies, and more flies
I have added so many flies that I have run out of fly boxes! I give them away to my Dad and to young kids I see who are learning to fly fish. I have found plenty of crank baits, spinners, buzz baits, plugs, & jigs as well as a few serviceable fishing outfits with large tangles…LOL!

The best find was my Dad and I go to a garage sale at the end of a day, and some old woman says, “Sure boys, I have some fishing stuff, come take it.” We go into the garage to find several hundred plugs and asst other stuff in some huge boxes, and she wont take money! Finally, my Dad and I manage to get her to take all our money ($51.32), and she says “I’m just glad to see it go to use now that my husband is gone.” Nice lady, and the score of the century.

One of those big-lipped divers probably lost them.

Most flea markets will have someone selling tackle given them by fishermen widow’s. I know some guys who like to chain a carryall seat in a river bend and pull it out at night full of lures. Its not right but its true. When our rivers drop in the late summer I find tackle from ford fenders to broken back rebels all up and down our rivers in N. California. They work great. Advise to lure fishermen cut off the treble hooks and replace with open eyed siwash, cut your hang up in half and get you moore hook ups.

you got me!

Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits
Probably about 75% spinner baits and 25% crank baits. (Not counting used plastic worms and lizars)

Bed springs
Many years ago up in WA some one put bed springs into the Columbia at a popular salmon spot. When he came back at night to collect his loot there was some one on shore watching with a 30-30. He collected several holes in his boat.

bed springs?
does it act like a gill net?,trapping the fish?

bed springs
"snag" the unwitting anglers lures. Sneaky dude comes back later to retrieve the springs with the lures attached.

sound like a lot of work for a few lures, underhanded too.maybe they were enviromental extremists defending the fish?

I’ve found lots of hula poppers and of course bushels of bobber on small lakes