found: one odd canoe

found a solo on the side of the road the other day. it measures 10’7" by 27.5" beam. looks like chopper glass. it looks to have been red and has aluminum trim. there’s one foam rib across the middle and it’s a pretty full hull design. looks like a shallow arch with a tiny bit of tumblehome. serial numbers start with MMN…anyone have a guess? don’t have photos.


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Try putting the MIC (first 3 letter of the HIN) in at:

i was thinking it was either a mohawk or some chopper wenonah from the 1960s. it’s small, and i doubt it has much capacity. i plan to bag it out and use it in the surf this winter. kneel with a straight shaft. if it sinks, so be it. as long as i make it to shore. :slight_smile:

looks like

you may have a mohawk pack canoe - specs seem right.