Four Hole Swamp

Looking for someone who has paddled Four Hole from Highway 78 to the Edisto river, planning on paddling it this weekend.

Watch out for that 3rd hole. It has a
Florida gator in it.

How was the Edisto clean-up day?

The clean up
went great, it’s amazing the amount of crap that comes out. I think this year the worm containers out numbered the beer cans.

Guess we will
find out on our on, putting in Saturday morning.

You will find the area changed
Earlier this year, the lumber companies clear cut about a mile wide by three mile section through the swamp. A friend of mine who paddled there in February found it depressing.

I Think
this is a different section but I will let you know.

Would have been
a nice trip but the water was to low, way to many trees across the creek. It took us 2 hours to go 1 mile and with it being an 8 mile trip and not knowing how many miles would be like the first we decided to turn around and give it a try another time.