Four-piece paddle: any advice

I’m getting an inflatable kayak soon, and would like to find a good four-piece paddle to go along with it for travel. I’ve seen the ones on such as the Cannon Nokomis at $119 and the Carlisle Econo 4-piece at $45. Does anyone have any experience with these or other less-expensive paddles? Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.

try werner too
I would steer clear of the Carlisle paddles. You get what you pay for - a padle that works. A bit more money will get you a paddle that has a proper blade shape so you will enjoy using it more.

Check Lendal
Their shafts and blades are all interchangeable. Check here

Check Lendal

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Lendal is your best best because of their unique hex screw joint fastening mechanism.

All of the other 4-piece paddles use joints with metal buttons to connect the four sections. Water leaks into the shaft using this arrangement and significantly increases the paddle weight. I learned this the hard way.

Did you check Epic?

2 piece

Unless you really need the smaller size, go with a two piece paddle.

To me, the only thing that would justify a 4 piece paddle is being able to store it -inside- a WW boat. Otherwise, it’s extra complexity and slop.

No slop with the Lendals
and for plane travel, 4 piece is easy to store in your boat pack.

I agree with Lendal!
I agree with Lendal. You can either get a good set in a 4 piece, or they make a “lesser expensive” 4 piece paddle to use as a spare on your kayak.

“They make good stuff”!!! :slight_smile:

Lendals are high quality

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I suspect that a Lendal paddle is going to be a bit more money than the orignal poster wants to spend. And a 4 piece Lendal paddle will be a good 4 piece paddle.

Anyway, any take apart paddle will get loose over time. I suspect that there is more torque on the joints in a 4 piece which will become looser than the single joint in a two-piece.

There is a purpose to a 4 piece but the need is unusual. In this instance, keep things simple and get a two-piece. And there are lots of inexpensive good two piece paddles.