Four piece paddle any good?

I need a whitewater paddle that has no feather angle and it seems the only way to get this (while keeping the cost down) is with take-a-part paddles. My question: Are the 4-piece paddles only meant to serve as a stow-away backup or are they good enough to be a primary paddle? Specifically, I’m wondering about the Werner WW Rec paddle.

Never Paddled One
but held one. It’s a bit on the heavy side, thus the “rec” designation. To a degree, you’re relying on the reputation of the company for a reliable product. If you want a lighter paddle, Lendal makes breakdown paddles carbon and glass. Expect the premium increase in price.

Breakdowns are not just for stowaway/backup. Some folks use them as primary paddles and like the fact that they can break down and fit in their compact cars rather than tying them on the roof like you would a one piece.


they are for backup generally.
If you don’t mind waiting, Werner and other will glue the blades on a paddle for you at any offset you want. Just got to call them. Heck, they may be able to do a cheap one for you.


don’t know about ww
but I know a number of sea kayakers who use the Lendal 4 pc as a primary paddle and they love it.

It also solves the airline problem…a 4 pc paddle can be brought on a plane.


Thanks for all the feedback…
now I just have to decide what I want to do!