Four story high Rogue Wave Measured

" Four-story high rogue wave breaks records off the coast of Vancouver Island"
Was measured last November but they just confirmed it this month.

I thought this was interesting (not sure my first word fun exactly applies) news.

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Pretty amazing, that one!

Rogue wave can kill you. Anytime paddling a wave day, you always have to keep an eye into the direction from which waves are coming. May save you from something nasty…


Be a heck of time to be trying to get around Brooks peninsula!

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That’s what I was thinking, too. A wave that size could make any shoreline untenable but Cape Cook and Clerke Point………….or imagine being camped at Nordstrum Creek, not much beach, no place to go.

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As I understand it the buoys are well offshore. The measurement is more likely a result of waves coming at different speeds or from different directions whose crests momentarily coincide at the buoy, surely creating violent breakers at the shore.

A wave just like the one in the video snuck up on me off Emerald Isle, NC. I heard it before I saw it.
I tried to hit it like the first guy did but wound up like the second guy.