FoxWorx Guide Bent Shaft

I am thinking of gettingna FoxWorx Guide paddle.

Does anyone have one of these and what is your opinion of it in comparsion to similar bent shafts? Thanks.

Very Nice Paddle
I’ve had one for a year or so and like it very much. I can’t really compare it to the ZREs cause I’ve only paddled them briefly. It is a true step up from my Grey Owl and Bending Branches Paddles. It is similar in quality and lightness to my Whiskey Jack, maybe not quite as light, but I think more durable maybe due to the hardwoods used versus cedar for the Whiskey Jack. The last long paddle I was on I switched back and forth between the two and my favorite was whichever one I was using at the time.

Hope that helps some. The Foxworx handle is the most comfortable I’ve used; its very nicely shaped.