frame wood options....

I’m building a Yost Sea Rider.

(thanks to p-net responses!)

Clear cedar is dang near impossible to find in the Dallas area.

Considering spruce, mahogany, redwood…even Home Depot yellow or white pine.

Someone educate me on lightweight woods…

I’m trying to keep weight/strength at an optimum and build a sub 30lb. craft.

Sitka Spruce
It was the preferred material of aircraft builders, back when, for the same reasons it makes a good boat. Mail order from a specialty supplier is about your only option, though. Scarce and expensive is the name of the game when hunting down good boat wood. They just aren’t making those big trees anymore!

Pine is fine
I used clear pine from my local Home Depot for my two skin boats, scarfing two pieces together to get the length needed. It’s worked fine for 3 years hard use. Used white oak for the ribs, though - not sure how the Yost system works in wood - does it have bent ribs?


80%+ of this is your labor.
If you’re going all-out, use the best you can get. If it’s down 'n dirty, get it-on-the-water, then use what ever is available.

No ribs on the Yost…
nope, no ribs, just plywood cross sections. I’ll probably do the pine thing. Cedar is slightly lighter but is simply unavailable.

I aim to lighten the plywood cross sections and bow/stern plates with holes, and keep the stringers as thin as reasonable without sacrificing stiffness.

I’ve built big kites using pine as spars with really good results.

built a sea ranger and no issues
with pine. I wouldn’t drill many holes in the plywood though. Boat is plenty light without sacrificing strength.