Francis Scott key bridge COLLAPSED

Baltimore is messed up now. Workers and cars in the water. Ship has sunk that hit it.

Video is crazy. Was it and accident?

God bless these poor people.

Ship is Dali, owned by Synergy Marine Group, flagged Singapore

I’m not seeing any reports that the ship has sunk. Can you share the source? Thx.

I just saw a morning update and the ship was still afloat. Not sure about time stamp on that – also been listening to NPR news all morning and update 10 minutes ago did not mention ship sinking.

That is the 4th bridge that has collapsed during my lifetime within a year after I crossed it myself. The most recent one (Pittsburgh’s Fern Hollow) plunged the day after I had both walked beneath it and then driven across it. The other two were in upstate NY and San Francisco.

The container ship is still there and not going anywhere anytime soon. It could be months before the channel is open again. Beltway traffic on the other side of the city is going to be bad for years.

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I watched the video a few times with horror and disgust. Looks like the ship went dark, and the power came back on just before the crash. Emergency officials had closed the bridge to traffic, as the ship had communicated their situation to the port. Pothole-filling workers on the bridge however, were not spared. Looking at pictures on Google Maps one realizes how HUGE this bridge is and what a task it will be to clean up and rebuild. What a tragedy, like something out of movie.

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This daylight video posted by the BBC shows the extent of the damage - it is really bad.

Baltimore Key Bridge: Rescuers searching river after Baltimore bridge collapse - BBC News

As of a couple of minutes ago on"

  • Six people are unaccounted for following the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, according to officials. Rescue teams continue to search for missing people in the water.
  • Eight people were on the bridge when a cargo ship crashed into it early Tuesday. Two of them were saved from the water earlier today.

I sure hope there could be some good news about the six missing.

It’s ironic that the only watercraft that could navigate through some of that wreckage is a kayak or canoe.

They retracted the sinking statements.

The ship did not sink!

It is incredible that some have been rescued considering the height of the fall and water temperature. Hopefully more will be rescued.

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AIS showed three tugs earlier, now there are two.
There are a number of ships trapped in Baltimore Harbor until the bridge is removed. Hope they bought comprehensive insurance.

Unfortunately, most of the workmen that were on the bridge when it was hit were sitting in their vehicles on a break. They were likely trapped in the wreckage. It also didn’t help that they were working on the center span right over where the ship hit.

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I never liked that bridge. I drove over it in December when I was up there and it always gave me the creeps. It was really narrow and it rocked enough that you could feel it, especially on a windy day.

The Key Bridge took five years to build, the first time.

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At least the approach ramps and most of the piers are probably intact enough to salvage and repair.

Hazmat materials released now

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A sad day. It has been made worse by all of the conspiracy theories already perpetrated.

Local officials did a good job of getting vehicles off the bridge. The NTSB did a good job of reporting, except for the hazardous materials known to have been dumped in the water in shipping containers. So far there is no accounting of the number of containers in the water, how many have been breeched, and what the potential environmental risks are. None.


To be fair, this happened at 1:30 ET on Tuesday morning so it isn’t reasonable to expect we’d have that level of detail at this point.

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