Fred has generated 3 tornado warning boxes in our immediate area

We are on the edge of one and our son’s chicken farm is in one. They had 80,000 biddies delivered today.

What area is that?

Saluda, Aiken, Laurens and Lexington counties, SC. We are in Saluda County.

The warning for us has been lifted. Cushions can go back on the furniture, and pillows on the bed.

Always a relief when those warnings expire! Glad you are safe.

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In the Giddy moments after the warning was lifted, and we emerged from the cast iron tub through the mound of pillows and cushions, I suggested a pillow fight. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My wife replied that I was too old and would probably hurt myself. This translates to …If You hit me with a Pillow, I WILL Hurt YOU!! :frowning_face:

I am glad to be alive and unscathed! :flushed:

String is in a tornado warning box right now, and it looks like we might have another band of bad weather coming through. 6:00PM

We are now under an Extreme Warning in the Greenville, SC area .

Sons place is in another tornado warning box. Crap!

Take care guys and wish you well. That’s a long line of storm from South West PA to Tallahassee.

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We had several, one with Extreme Warning. We heard one go by, unless it was a very low flying jet. Some trees down nearby but no home damage.
Bathtub? I kept watch through the patio glass door.

Turns out we were lucky. A mile away
the one I heard took out a warehouse and damaged apartments.