Free Advice - Volume

My buddies and I paddled in some pretty strong wind yesterday. One guy had some real difficulty handling his boat. Why? Because he had lost quite a bit of weight. The boat had much more volume than it had cargo.

New paddlers… keep in mind how much boat you need and will use. It makes a difference when the wind kicks up.

Nothing like paddling a 120 gallon
sea kayak in big wind and significant chop to make me share in that opinion.

I believe I was cursing every two strokes.

Yes, but here’s the rub:
Nearly all commercial boats are too huge for paddling unladen for lighter paddlers.

That’s why you need several boats…
just like golf clubs…

Now you tell me!
I am constantly fighting that weight battle figuring every pound translates to slower times.

I think I’ll go out and get a big ol hot fudge sunday…

On the opposiite end of the scale light weight translates to less tippy.

Today my 122 pound wife and my 4’-11" daughter took turns paddling my eighteen foot six inch, 19 pound solo racing canoe which I can hardly keep upright.

After the first hundred yards they looked like pros, and I had to fight to get the boat back after each of them did several miles.

Hey our Greenville friend wasn’t as close to the top as I thought he would be, but I had a lump in my throat watching Landis, and sure am proud of him.



Floyd Did Great
That comeback stage is destined for sports legend.

My skinny buddy says he’s going to fill some milk jugs with water and put them fore and aft and see if that helps handling in the wind.

just thinking outloud…
Being a strappin’ lad with a Kestrel 140, I don’t have the problem of not enough space and weight. At 250, I seem to hold the intended waterline of the boat. From what I’ve read…thats exactly where you want it for optimal control. I have carried gear but not stuffed the hatches to the gills. Not sure how much more I can get away with, but I’m guessing maybe 100lbs.

That Sounds
like the perfect excuse for me. I am on my third week of double daily exersizes and some reductions on the intake side. I am going after the last 10 lbs or so that needs to be shed.

Now you have explained that I am going down the wrong track. I can start eating more and lazing about more, LOL.

Good advise, yours!

Happy Paddling,


The Voyager taught me that early on.
My 230 lbs still left it like a leaf in the wind.This weekend I was looking forward to really loading it for an overnighter , but had to work at the last minute.

Something to look forward to for next time.