Free Canoe on Craigslist!

This one’s gonna go fast!

Darn! If only it wasn’t so far away… I wonder if he’ll ship it?

It says pick up only. My garbage service does it.
I wonder if it comes with his PFD?

Looks like something made on a reality TV survivor type show.

Worth every penny.

He doesnt want to pay to leave it at the transfer station!

Not sure I would drive 30 minutes let alone the whole way to Columbus for something like that.

I wonder how it would do in freestyle.

Too bad he didn’t provide the specs. I’d jump at that chance if the specs suited my needs.

Shoot! Already gone…

It’s probably in service as a child’s sandbox, or a huge, cat litter box.
That boat was a piece of trash, that stunk all the way to high heaven.
I wouldn’t have driver a block to pick it up.


Hey Bob, you should have told them to ship it to you via UPS :slight_smile:

UPS can do a good job of losing a boat for several days, while it sits on one of their loading docks.

The boat in question deserves to be lost forever; not so a pristine, original, Curtis Dragonfly.
UPS for boat shipping…never again for me.

They also broke into 2 pieces a vintage, Old Town Beavertail paddle I had shipped to me., Tried to crawfish out of paying (it was insured); saying it wasn’t packed well enough.
I produced the original packing; a layer of cardboard, a layer of large bubble wrap, a 2nd layer of cardboard, a 2nd layer of large bubble wrap, and a 3rd layer of cardboard.
They finally paid off.
UPS sucks! >:)