Free kayak shipping...

...anyone still give free shipping on the purchases
of new kayaks?

REI to the store
I just saw another post that someone bought a kayak and had it shipped to the store.

Austin Canoe and Kayak

Yup &

Ordered boats from both retailers. Great customer service as well.

…is it really free or just built into the cost?

I got my…

…Prijon Barracuda for MSRP, no tax, and no shipping 5 years ago from

They just don’t carry the boat I want.

Its up to the buyer to shop, compare,
and make that decision. Google is your friend.

Try the kayak transport group
Maybe they’re going that way… you never know. And if we can grow the group more, it would give all of us better options to avoid shipping costs.

QCC Kayaks
In addition to building some of the finest boats available today, they have always offered free shipping in the US & Canada. Considering that any company offering “free” shipping has to build-in those costs, this really makes QCC an exceptional value. They will even pay for the shipping back after 30 days if you are not happy with your boat. You can’t lose. Visit them here:

You are one of the owners of the elusive Barracuda. I really want that boat, really. I am waiting around for a used one though.
Ordered my Dagger Approach 9.0 from Call them to see if they can order your boat if they don’t carry it. They only carry the Approach 10.0, but ordered the 9.0 from Dagger for me. No extra cost, got to choose any color then shipped it to me with no shipping (there is a $20 packaging fee for the extra wrap protection they use). And, the boat is still MSRP (low price is fixed by Dagger), and not “padded” with free shipping charge.


Extra Packaging
The extra fee for packaging is well worth it. My Tsunami came from Outdoorplay in a plastic sleeve, covered with a double layer of heavy bubble wrap, covered with a heavy, almost tarp like, outer shell…not a scratch on it after comiong almost all the way across country via freight line.

Where do you live?..

…I will NEVER sell mine, but you can demo it.

I’ll be at the South Bass Island get together.

It’s twitchy as hell, with no primary stability.

It can be a bit of a beast until you learn its

quirks. Stay loose in the hips. It loves to run.

Donna4955 who posted…

…below has a Barracuda too.

Not at those prices!