Free National Park Pass on Amazon

Hey all-

Amazon has a special offer going where you can get a National Park Pass for buying $299 worth of outdoor gear.


Save your money…
…and wait until you turn 62yo and for $10 you get a lifetime pass…

28 years
I don’t want to wait 28 years to visit the parks hehe

Golden Age
Finally, something positive about encrouching geezerhood.


if you have to pay $299, it’s not exactly free

that’s for the gear
and Amazon has some good prices. Personally, if I had some time off, like say 30 years ago, and needed gear to enjoy a year of adventure, I’d say it’s a great deal.

Is this pass
for a short period of time, for a year, what? I ask because NP’s are generally not all that close together, so you really need some time to travel to enjoy using them enough to get your money’s worth. Unless you happen to live next door to one, in particular, and frequently visit it, of course.

I bought one
I bought one several years ago and did a month long road trip. You can also hit Arches, Badlands, Yellowstone and Yosemite in a week long road trip.