Freestyle Crosspost

The spring 2010 issue of the CrossPost is now out. For those unfamiliar with it, it is the Newsletter of the Freestyle Committee of the ACA. There are several interesting articles and commentarys as well as articles about past and upcoming events, and numerous links to relevant information. The CrossPost may be downloaded from the freestyle website, .

Marc Ornstein

nice newsletter
Nice job Molly ! I found the article about Lester moving and the articles informative.

See you at AFS.


Mark Molina’s WOW factor
This is the link that will get you directly to the newsletter:

I like Mark Molina’s article about WOW.

One small place I disagree with him in his article is that, to me, the biggest WOW isn’t watching someone else do an axle, a christie, or a cross-anything. It’s the first time you set your paddle in the exact right spot and suddenly you’re doing an effortless 180 or you find that other spot just 8 inches away that sends the boat sliding sideways in a way you never thought a canoe could go. It’s very WOW!

Someone is reading it
I was at a dinner last night with a bunch of paddlers. Turned out that 5 people at the table had read the Cross Post carefully enough to discuss Mark Molina’s and Marc’s articles. There was general support for Mark’s comment that freestyle (precision padddling) should have played and should play a more influential role in canoeing and for changing FFS to the Adirondack format.