Freestyle DIY Canoe Plans?

I’d really like to own a David Yost designed, Tom Mackenzie built Loon Works cedar/canvas solo canoe… and perhaps someday (I hope) my budget will allow. But for now I’m looking for plans for a strip-built canoe that would be good for solo Freestyle for someone of my size. I’m 6’2”, weigh 195 lbs (±) with long legs & arms. Something in the 13 ½ to 14’ length range with 2 ½” or so of rocker & a symmetric hull shape would fit the bill. Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance. Randall

This one is sorta close:


Probably more traditional than what you want, but it sure looks nice. The soul-mate is similar but smaller.

Check out this site. I got plans for the chestnut fox from him and they are nice plans. He has a couple of canoes designed especially for freestyle. I believe plans are available for those as well.

Just what I was going to ask!

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I too am interested in plans for a freestyle solo canoe. I've been collecting books on canoe building but haven't found much choice of plans good for freestyle. From the specs the Teal or Widgeon models from Woodstrip Watercraft Co. look like possibilities (at least for someone 5'8" and ~145 lbs):

I'd be interested in comments from anyone who has experience with either of these models.

The RedRiver models look good. Thanks for the link. At this point the idea of building a canoe is mosly a fantasy for me. I'm collecting information but am not really ready to start a project. Am also very much a beginner at freestyle so its not like my paddling could do justice to a really good freestyle design.

Arkay my friend!
Sorry you missed Raystown. The selection of boats was incredible. If you’ve not read the trip reports check the general forum. Lots of pics and various versions of the festivities…

I suggest you contact Windwalker or TonyF with your question. Windwalker of course has some beautiful strippers he’s built and may have access to the plans you seek. TonyF is friends with DY and Dave Curtis so may be able to put you on the right track.

Hope you and the family are well and happy.


Red River
Doug at Red River is a super guy.

I built his ‘Elan. Awesome freestyle boat everything Doug said it would be and more.

2.5" of rocker… shouldn’t have any trouble spinnin’ that boat, I personally wanted a freestyle friendly boat but also one that was managable on lakes and rivers. I spent a few days tripping in the ADK’s during the Freestyle symposium this summer and was well please with how well 'Elana did fully loaded on a lake tripping. No regrets.

Good luck, Mike

I appreciate the input folks – both posted here and via e-mail. I’ll follow the links and do some dreamin’ ‘bout a winter project.

Thanx! Randall