Freestyle Music?

I’m curious. I’ve heard that American Freestyle Canoeing is sometimes done to music. Are we talking about Swan Lake or CSNY’s Wooden Boats or are we talking about Baby Got Back? Can’t quite picture it.

Anything goes…
here’s some canoe music:

Freestyle music…
I saw a young lady give a very nice freestyle performance to Nora Jones’ ‘Come away with me’ at the LaLou symposium. It matched her routine perfectly.

Great choice of music. I can see freestyle to that piece. Very cool…

Interpretive FreeStyle Nationals
Will be held at the Midwest FreeStyle Symposium on September 11 in NE Ohio. It would be the ideal place to see what FreeStyle music and paddling is all about.

You can email me for details if anyone is interested in attending. I will be attending the clinic.

I watched Karen Knight
at last years Bogey and Bacall and the ballet she performed was absolutely beautiful.

The music was to “The water is Wide”

We have it on a CD by Alex Beaton.

It was amazing what she could make the canoe do, and one of these days I hope to play around with my daughters Sandpiper and see if I can mimic a few of her moves.

I am sure I will be mostly swimming!