Freestyle Symp. in Ohio

The Midwest Freestyle Canoe Symposium will be held in Ohio, September 7 - 9.

A good place to teach your canoe to be more obedient (tandem or solo).

A good place to see lots and lots of pretty canoes. And take them for a spin if you ask “pretty please”.

Excellent food.

Helpful and friendly people.

Registration due by August 25
After that there is a late fee. Last date to register for courses is Septemeber 1.

You can also attend the Saturday evening Freestyle Exhibition / Competition - FREE.

And if you take classes, you most certainly will leave the event with more profficient paddling skills than when you arrived.

Most of all, it is a blast!

See you there!


Great Event
MCS is a fine event organized by fine folks, note the name change, Midwest Canoe Symposium that underlines that we start with basic, ie useful, skills before proceeding into hoopla.

I just mailed by registration in.

Signed up today
Great event, beautiful site, can’t wait!

Sent my registration today
It will be good to see everyone again.

This week I have had a lot of correspondance from folks about ACS, and that has me excited to get to MCS (formerly MFS). Jim L’s photos of the good times around the campfire with good people really has me excited to see folks again.

Leaving Thursday afternoon
Have the car mostly packed. One more jaunt in the canoe this evening, and then it will be racked and ready to roll.

Freestyle rolling??
Wow Tim, you are ready to roll? If I’d known they were teaching open boat rolling at MFS I would have signed up. I could sure use that skill these days!

Have a good time. Will look forward to seeing the video links from the competition/exhibitions when they are posted on You Tube.

I’ll take the rolling class also!
I never did master that skill.

Seriously, I’m packed and ready to roll (ha ha) 1st thing tomorrow AM. I’m stopping along the way in Erie PA to visit one of our friends who had shoulder surgery yesterday and thus will be missing the big event. I’m looking forward to seeing all y’all.


Have a good event.
I’ll be home pondering which solo canoes to sell.

Rolling out - not a problem
I have pretty much perfected that move. I often practice it without thinking. I’ve even done it in a Ladybug. :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me
when the Portlandia Freestyle Canoeing Symposium is scheduled for next year?

No offense intended folks - meant in good humor. :wink: