Freestyle Video/ Books ?

Can anybody recomend video or books showing freestyle moves?

Er that’d be open boat flatwater freestyle. Not decked boat monkey flip stuff. I got some of that.


Look For Karen Knight Videos
that woman “dances” her canoe like Swan Lake.


Oh yeah
Do you know of any besides the segment on Solo Playboating II?

Took a Freestyle class with Karen last summer. Hope to do again this comming year. Never met anyone who could comunicate the joy of paddling like she does.

Tom Mackenzie video
I picked up the Tom Mackenzie produced video on Solo Freestyle while I was at the Midwest Freestyle Symposium this past September. It cost about 30 bucks as I recall (worth every penny - more!). Tom Mackenzie is a Freestyle instructor who is also the builder of Loon Works Canoes which are Yost designed cedar/canvas beauties similar in hull design to the Bell/Placid built “Fire” boats.

While nothing beats personal instruction this video has been very helpful to me in my quest to improve my FS skills since returning from the symposium. This video was made ten years ago, but is timeless. In it several very skilled FS instructors go over many different maneuvers step by step. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched segments of it over and over and over… E-mail me on the side for Tom’s e-mail address if you want (probably wouldn’t be good form for me to post his personal e-mail address at this public forum).

As an aside, I primarily paddle small rivers and creeks with strong current and as I’m sure you’ve surmised FS is geared towards still water… yet I’ve found FS maneuvers to have many, many cross applications from flat to moving water. It’s such a hoot to dance with the river! FS has improved my tango… ;^) Randall

Glaros & Wilson
Freestyle Canoeing–Contemporary Paddling Technique, by Lou Glaros and Charlie Wilson. It is a little technical and detailed for this slough-paddling rookie, but it has taught me some basic strokes, and much more if I’d devote more time and energy to learning. I believe I bought mine from Amazon two years ago.