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Has anyone seen this new video from Marc Ornstein? He put it up on the Facebook Freestyle Page. Now it’s on You Tube. Apparently he;s planning on doing some instructional clips and was trying out a new camera setup. Pretty cool.

Marc, great but you need audio
Very nice video of your musical routine, and the outward stern arm works well.

For instruction, I would recommend audio narration describing the moves. Don’t know what kind of camera you are using, but if you have a camera with audio input, you can just get yourself a lavalier mike (corded or cordless) so you can narrate.

To get really sophisticated, a camera on the bow and stern with a third filming from the shore would be ideal. Then you, or someone, could splice together the instructional sequences from multiple angles of view.

Yeah, I know, nothing is impossible for him who doesn’t have to do it. But that’s the setup I was thinking about for instructionals when we talked about videos at FFS 1.

That’s Marc’s backyard pond, BTW.

All good ideas but
1st a thanks to Daytripper for posting the link. I wasn’t quite ready to “go public” with this yet. Posting on You Tube was primarily an experiment to see if I could figure that out. I’m still having issues with Frontier Internet providing erratic and all too often slow upload and download speeds. Fortunately, the local field supervisor appears to be working diligently to resolve that.

Back to your ideas Glenn:

There is no audio input on the camera. Finding a camera with all of the required features, at an affordable price, was a bit of a challenge. I hadn’t even considered an audio input, but looking back, I don’t think I could have found that feature and met my other criteria as well. A possible work around may be a simple video editing program that would allow me to add the narration later. It’s also possible that I can narrate as I go, using the camera’s built in. mic. It’s pretty sensitive as evidenced by the water sounds it picked up. As for multiple camera angles, positions, splicing etc., that’s all way over my head at this point.

The ultimate goal is to do some short instructional clips. This was a fun way to experiment with the camera and mounting system. No telling exactly where this will go.

Marc Ornstein

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…watching that video makes me dizzy & queasy. Very strange, I never get seasick…'scuse me, where’s that flowerpot…

Seriously, this is extremely weird. Anybody else have that reaction?

Don’t get me wrong
Freestyle canoeing is the closest thing to magic I’ve ever seen. It. is. sublime.

You don’t have to protect your shoulders!

The video isn’t weird
nor your reaction abnormal… I had the same feeling of oopsie.

I teach FS too and funny on the water I don’t get that upchuck sensation but I can’t watch the video for very long.

I think its the way we sense the movement in person and can’t when we are stationary and watching the background spin.

Fascinating footwork
Marc - the camera angle gives a great view of your footwork, that is hard to see in class. Really enjoyed the perspective.

And no, that canoe doesn’t make your butt look big. LOL

I’m a kayaker and enjoyed the video.
Loved the music choice and I could also hear the water sounds. Very soothing. I too thought the movement ‘visuals’ were helpful.

PS–It did not make this lady seasick.

The real issue
This view is interesting, but I’d much rather see the turns from a fixed view away from the canoe. Cutting between two cameras would make it much more interesting and be able to show the moves much better.

I’m not a videographer
at least not one of any great ability. This was done with a $129.00 Kodak Play Sport camera, a $14.95 remote control and a home made support cobbled from parts of a removable yoke, and an automotive snow brush that happened to have a stereoscopic handle. A few other goodies from the workshop and hardware store brought it all together.

I’m still learning how to do the most basic editing and hopefully to be able to dub some narration, after the fact. Asking me to integrate two camera angles is light years away. If anyone has the equipment/skills to do this, I’d entertain the idea of a joint project.

Marc Ornstein

You open boaters…
…blow me away.

The stuff you do is magic.

Absolutely beautiful.


Camera Mount
I got a Kayalu camera mount for my kayak this spring. I recently used it to shoot video from an overnight canoe trip. The suction cup stuck to my canoe the entire trip. Even on rugged portages. It might work well for you. It’s very easy to move around, which would let you get multiple camera angles pretty easily.

Here’s a link to the one I got:

The mount looks interesting

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but that's not the problem. The problem is editing/stitching together the various views in a single video. That is currently beyond my capabilities. Additionally, the ideal scenario would be to have some clips taken from from on or in the canoe and some viewing the canoe from some distance away. The later would require an accomplice and likely a 2nd canoe.

Marc twists and turns in thatcanoe like Gumby, and all the time on his knees. Just awesome Marc. I would

need a stretcher afterwards.

He’s posted another one.
This time the camera is on the bow, pointing backward.

Mr. Ornstein, you are amazing in that kayak. I definitely agree that your videos are very peaceful, and at the same time inspiring. Very nice work, brother.

Excuse me.

I knew somehow you were cheating Marc!