Freeze-dried food selection

I am looking at freeze-dried entrees for an upcoming trip, and was wondering of Mountain House, Backpacker’s Pantry, etc, who has the best tasting food, and which flavors do you recommend (just dinner entrees)

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A kayaker friend turned me on to Mountain House. If you go to’s website, I believe you can get a full menu selection.

One tip: For anyone not completely sedentary and over 6 years of age, plan on a 2-person meal satisfying one person.

Beyond that - great menu selection. I haven’t had a bad one yet.

Dehydrate your own

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food.Last Spring I went on a 5 day Adirondacks trip. I used some rescipes from Lip Smackin
Backpackin Vegetarian. They have a none veg version also.

I highly receommend the dehydrated spaghetti sauce with dehydrated ground beef. Place it in a Freezer bag. Add hot water to the bag, cook spaghetti and drop into the sauce...easy cleanup.

I also recommend the dehydrated kidney beans and salsa to make burritos.

By the 3rd day the other 6 people on the trip were moaning about the commercial freeze dried foods. I was enjoying every bite!

Doing your own is cheaper (excluding the dehydrator) and you can include the ingredients/spices that you want. Take a look at the Sodium levels in the freeze dried food if you are concerned at all about sodium.

I tried different brands and buy a
mixture of them. I tried to make my own but I guess I am lazy I would rather buy mine.

Here’s a few…

Some of my favorite picks
I prefer the Mtn House brand generally;

Chicken Polynesian & rice; Turkey Tetrazinni; Chicken Teriyaki w/rice; Beef Teriyaki w/rice, Chili Mac w/ beef are favorites. I also like the Richmoor Honey Mustard/Honey Lime/and Mandarine Orange Chicken diners.

If you get plain old Rice with Chicken, it is kinda blah, but Beef Stew, Beef Strogaof and Potatoes and beef w/onions are pretty good too.

As far as serving size, I agree that one

2-serving size meal is needed per person IF that is all you are going to be eating. On the other hand, if the Fz Dr dinner is just a part of your meal, you can get away with one of the Pro-Pack single-serving size, and depending on the menu, I will sometimes have one 2-serving size dinner for two people. I never just eat a fz dr dinner alone. While waiting the 10 min for the dinner to “cook”, I’ll have a Lipton Cup-a Soup, or beef broth bullion, and I always have some kind of treat for desert - some individualy packaged junk food snack from the grocery store(Little Debbie or Dolly Madison types of stuff), and finish with a hot drink - either hot cider, or hot chocolate - the combination is more than enough to eat for me and anybody who has ever tripped with me, and the same menus work for backpack hunting when I often cover 8 or 10 miles of rugged mountain terrain. That works for me in conjunction with a normal breakfast of instant oatmeal, and a good sized lunch for each day. If you skip breakfast or skimp on lunch, then I’d definitely plan on one 2-serving size package per person.

Some tips on “cooking” the fz dr meal - I always add an extra 1/4 cup or so of boiling water, makes the dinner a bit moister and probably helps in “cooking”; mixing/stiring completely is important - instead of a spoon, I cut a twig about a foot long (1/8 or 1/4" diam)and use that to stir the contents - it gets into the corners a lot better than a spoon, and its a lot less mess than a spoon; and I will normally give the meal an extra minute or two of cooking time - that all seems to help.

Couple of tips
1. Adding xtra water is a good idea as mentioned.

2. A used nebble-wrap shipping envelope can be used as a cozy to keep the heat in whole soaking and weighs next to nothing.

3. Perfect spoon for Mtn House pouches:


…or if you’re adding certain recreational beverages to the mix…:wink:

I know when we were on our weeklong paddle, we were burning 5k calories or so per day, so in that case, I could have put away two two-person mountain house meals, and dessert. As it was, I lost 7# in a week even though I was more prepared foodwise than ever.

I really appreciate this conversation as well b/c I want to do more kayaking camping next summer around the Allegheny Reservoir and don’t want to cart my kitchen. Any suggestion on buying a dehydrator?


drying food
I just found an interesting site on drying food;

I also found sites that sells not mixed recipes but actual dry food you can buy and put it together as a recipe I guess!!