freezing milk????

Ok, I’m having trouble finding powdered milk at the local rural groc. stores, I’ve never frozen milk, it’s fat free, any reason not to do it? I don’t need much, just for mixing with some freeze dried food.

Just need it for the first couple days of trip.



Ain’t no . . .
. . . Walmarts around?

It’s fine. Do it all the time

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on military ships. Hell, after 37 days without a port call or replenishment at sea, frozen milk and frozen meat are the only things left. Doesn't taste any different. Just keep it well insulated. I did it quite a bit in Alaska since groceries were so darn expensive.

It works fine
You may need to shake it, as freezing affects the homogenization, but with fat-free milk that may not be necessary.

cant find powdered milk? real rural.

How about unsweetened condensed milk…you know those tiny little cans in the bakeing section. Its tha same as dehydrated milk sort of. One little can if you dilute with water will make about 4 gallons of milk.

How about soy, almound, or rice milk, sold in those box containers all over…but maybe not where you live

Freezing milk is OK
but for camping the long shelf life milk is very handy. Ultra high temperature pasturization makes it safe. It needs no refrigeration until it’s opened. It lasts for several months unopened and up to two weeks once you do open it. Sold in quarts and juice box sized containers. The small boxes are great for camping and don’t take up much space in the cooler.

Parmalat shelf stable 8-oz cartons…
I used to buy the 3-pk of 8-oz cartons of Parmalat because I drink so little milk that anything else goes to waste. They are shelf stable so I don’t have to worry about spoilage. Unopened, they would keep a long, long time unrefrigerated. I’d buy them when I could find them, and refrigerate whatever I wanted cold. My only problem is I can no longer find them in the small sizes. Buying the larger package has the same problem as buying a quart or half-gallon of regular milk…waste. If you can find them in the 8 oz size, they are great for camping.

I used to find them in the fruit juice section at either Albertson’s or Kroger’s in Mesquite. They almost always had the flavored milks, but they didn’t stock the plain as frequently, so they have always been hard to find…but now that I’ve moved, I can’t find it at all.

I don’t like powdered milk, and reconstituted unsweetened condensed milk doesn’t taste like milk (although it’s fine for cooking). I wish I could find the 8-oz cartons of Parmalat again. If you’re shopping in the Dallas area, you might find them.


In our little store powdered milk
is usually in the baking section.

I am surprised that the OP cant find it. In really remote areas here fresh is hard to find and powdered easy.

Parmalat too is next to the sugar in the baking section. Little 3 pak…but it varies…sometimes no 3- pak and just the big cartons.

Dont you love big markets that move stuff just after you learned where it is?

I just did a search on Parmalat. It appears that you can not buy it in the US any more. You can get in Canada, but according to their web site, not in the US.

no wonder…
Thanks for that info. That’s disappointing. I really liked the product. It seems, though, that I saw the quart size fairly recently, but my brain may not be all that accurate, and since it wasn’t the size I was looking for, I didn’t pay much attention.

which brand stores
which brand stores have you seen carrying the Parmalat brand? Wish I could find them again, and Ice just mentioned that they may no longer be available. I’d stock up on the 3-packs if I could find them.

Leigh, just pick up some

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small cans of evaporated milk. Works fine on your cereal or to cook with, and if you have any left over each day, it will keep in a small nalgene bottle long enough to use in a later meal. I also carry the sweentened condensed milk for my cobblers.
If weight is an issue, Carnation also has single serving dry packets to which you "just add water".

PS, you and Texas Lady both missed a great trip on the Sabine out by Carthage two weeks ago.

If you search on parmalat milk on Amazon, it brings up a couple of different long life options for milk in the 8 ounce packages. One brand is Horizon which is organic. You can buy it there or alternatively look in a health food store.

For just a few days, I bring frozen for my tea otherwise I do without for camping.


do a search for UHT milk
Looks like there are numerous brands in the U.S., including Borden.

Parmalat milk
It’s been several years since I’ve seen the Parmalat 8 oz 3-packs which Albertson’s used to carry. Parmalat quarts are still available though. I get them at Walmart or Super One Foods. As others mentioned, 8 oz boxes are available in Horizon brand usually found in a health food store or section. Costs a bit more since it is organic.