French Creek (PA west) trip suggestions?

We (a pair of experienced touring yakkers) want to do a two or three day float’n’camp locally (western PA) and have heard good things about French Creek near Meadville. But the gauges have been so low this summer we are concerned about levels and which sections we ought to plan for. While we don’t mind a few minor ledges, a little gravel and negotiable rock gardens, we’ve both got folders (Feathercraft and Pakboat)whose soft rubber bottoms tend to hang up on such obstacles so a lot of that gets annoying. We could take our plastic beater boats but they are not as good for packing camping gear nor as ejoyable to paddle on long flatwater stretches.

Anyone familiar enough with French Creek to advise on the best sequence of segments for a multiday trip and best favorable gauge levels? Or any other waterway suggestions for such an outing in either the Allegheny or West Branch Susquehanna drainages?

allegheny river
day 1 start at base of kinzua dam (can leave a car here) and paddle down to krulls island or thompsons island (just past buckaloons campground)

day 2 paddle down to tidiute and camp on one of the many islands just before tidiute

day 3 paddle down to tionesta - can leave car at boat launch just downstream of bridge by the fishing museum

Islands are no cost - pack it in pack it out. No cost to park at dam or at tionesta takeout. Technically you will need launch permit stickers on your boats (about $10 each, Fish and Game launch permit or something similiar)

It’s a nice paddle and camp, but is definitely NOT wilderness - you will paddle through Warren PA and the allegheny is lined with cottages…other parts of the river give the “illusion” of being in a wilderness setting. Roads run along both sides of the river also for the majority of this stretch.

At this time of year most of the summer idiots are off the river and not camping on the islands so you should have no problem finding a site. Plan on being on the water for 4-5 hrs each day, with plenty of time for leisurely breakfast and takedown, and plenty of time at the end of the day for setting up, eating dinner, and relaxing. A lot of people do fish this river, but I have no idea what is in it, or what kind of luck they have (i don’t fish)

Canoe French Creek
I paddled French Creek tonight and the level was perfect. Saw 2 eagles.

French Creek has been low most of the summer. When we get a rain it goes up and then back down just as quickly. If the USGS stream flow data for Utica is above 2.5 it is canoeble.

I know the creek well.If you have more questions email be and I will reply.

canoeing french creek
hello, my name is Justin. I see you are familiar with the French creek. My friends and I are planning a canoeing/float trip this july. We have not been on this creek before and was wondering if you could give us any helpful info. we are planning on putting in at rt6 and rt19 on a Friday afternoon. then floating for a couple hours and camping. then floating a good 8 hour day and camping again. then floating for bout three hours and taking out in Meadville. does this sound like it would be realistic? any info would be helpful. thank you