Fresh water paddling near Anchorage

I’m thinking of going to Anchorage, Alaska, this summer to visit an old friend.

I’m looking for recommendations for river or lake canoeing within driving distance of Anchorage. No flying into Arctic circle rivers. No ocean paddling.

The river or lake paddling could be just day trips or 1-3 day overnights. Car shuttle-able. Nothing more than class 2.

I can research and contact outfitters, but pnet often has gnostic gospel.

Big lake
NW of of Anchorage and looks like about an hour drive from there.

Eklutna Lake
about 30 min north

Watch out on some of those lakes.
When we were up there we scouted out every place possible for paddling, and on one Lake, (I forget it’s name) we were warned that the Glacier at the end of the lake created it’s own winds, and at a moments notice, you could go from calm to gale force.

We figured we would give it a try, but learned quickly that the weather and wind was created by the glacier.

I know you don’t want salt water, but if it is a nice day, check out Whittier. It is a beautiful place.

jack L

Kenai Canoe Trail
The Kenai Canoe Trails are not too far south of Anchorage.

Oh, that’s its real name
I thought your were talking in Fat Elmo descriptive language.

Actually, I don’t like (small b) big lakes, but I see a lot of smaller ones around Big Lake.

Since I’ll be all alone in an open canoe, I’m concerned about wind, waves and the cold ocean.