Freshwater kayak fishing tournament...

in Alabama. I am at the beginning stages of planning a kayak fishing tourny on the Cahaba River near Birmingham. I am new to the would of tournaments and would like to get some feedback from everyone as to what you would like to see at a kayak fishing tournament such as prizes, rules, weigh-ins, or by length. Thing of that nature is what I am looking for. If you have any information on a freshwater river fishing tournament for kayaks, please let me know as I said I am brand new at this type of event. Any suggestions that you have would be awesome. Thanks for your time in advance.



You’ve got mail … :slight_smile:
I know nada about the freshwater scene, but I’ve been involved in some great and not so great salt water tournaments. Let’s chat … :slight_smile:

Check out,
there are loads of tournaments on the Texas Gulf Coast, and TKF also sponsers several freshwater tounaments each year. I’m sure they’ll be willing to help a fellow kayak fisherman from a foreign state.