freya and the Amazon

If you are not following her amazing paddling near the Amazon, you are missing out. She is enduring the worst camping imaginable. Her blog is at

reminds me

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reminds me of Krugers trip down there and he could not find dry land to camp on for 28-days!!! slept, ate, cooked and shit from the boat. Guess Freya wishes she had a boat to sleep in too.

As in this Kruger?

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All Things Are Possible: The Verlen Kruger Story: 100,000 Miles by Paddle

I tried to find more trip details online but it seems most of it is in hardcopy books. Likely a matter of the era. I did find one interesting tidbit - he didn't start paddling, at least seriously, until he was 41 and he still managed amazing stuff. I suspect he would not have had a banner calling himself a god of the sea though...

Difficult camping
I’ve been following Freya for the entire journey. The most dramatic entries in her blog are when she went around Cape Horn. She insisted on going around the outside of the southernmost island, not the inside passage. I had lunch with her after her Australia trip. She’s an amazing woman.

OZ circumnavigation
I followed her solo circumnavigation of Australia daily and it was fascinating. She crossed the Gulf of Carpinteria, an 8 day, 7 night open water passage, sleeping laid back or forward in the boat, with sponsons rigged on her paddles. Even more gripping was her account of paddling sections along the 100’ continuous cliffs of the Oz west coast escarpment in the wild surf and clapotis of the south Indian Ocean. NO possibility of landing at all and constantly being buffeted by massive waves, requiring continuous paddling and frequent combat rolls for 36 hours or more.

Yup, Freya is one tough chick.

Check out the video -
its dated but terrific.

And another - you tube - re Verlan

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I meant "Verlen"

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