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I'm with you on the Freya argument, but just wanted to say thanks for the photographs. I paddled with Brian Henry in Greenland a very long time ago and it was nice to see a "real" picture of him, not just the one he keeps on his website from decades ago!

Joseph Reeves,
Juneau AK

help me out here
I see one person looking deeper into Freya and the decisions she had tomake regarding her family and her son, and broaching the subject gently. I see a fewothers, seadart and myself, appreciating this perspective. Who is villianizing here? For goodness sakes, I hope (actually I’m certain) that Freya has thicker skin than you do. The ironic thing about ytours and the OP’s defensiveness is that if Freya were here, I’d bet she’d tell you two that she can speak for herself, thank you very much, and she’d either tell some of these folks to piss of, but more likely engage the questions that bowrudder broached.

There’s a book called The Last River, in which at least one paddler declines the expedition opportunity because his obligation to his family is too deep. Another kayaker is lost and the sorrow he leaves his family with is palpable. Now I’m not saying that people should put off all expeditions once they have children. But I can imagine Andrew Macauley in that great kayaker’s heaven, looking down at his child and having second thoughts. Perhaps as his son grows older his forgiveness and appreciation for his dad would only grow. Who knows for sure. But to dismissthe subject as vilifaction sounds like groupthink to me. Maybe we should all just assume that any thread about expedition kayakers should only be met with an ‘amen’.

One more thing: don’t tell me you’re saying I shouldn’t do anything. That’s disingenuous. Obviously the reaction to this post and Freya has to be nothing but positive for you to accept it.

that’s not my style
Dissent doesn’t motivate me to fighting. It motivates me to discussion.

have mercy

Of course I get your point.
The motives of people doing such “events” should be respected.

it’s not for me to accept, or not accept
it is what it is.

I was merely hypothesizing on why it is what it is.

peaked interest.
I have seen a lot of comments about her rudder system.

Just as on the other board
in the thread of Helen Skelton I can say if this is what

Ms. Hoffmeister wants to do it is all right with me.

On the other hand I would not think I know her because I

have had a one on one talk with her. someone that has talked

with her 5, 6, 7…times seems to think they know her.

How many of us thought we knew who we were marring only

to find out latter we did not.

Should she have stayed home with her child? I have no idea.

Some kids might be better off if one of their parents is not around.

I have worked in the outdoor industry for 28 years and have enjoyed

many of the people I have gotten to travel with, boat with and broken bread with but I am mystified why so many adults seem to idolize athletes,

actors and people that are famous for being famous. I can recognize

some of the accomplishments extreme athletes have done but after

I have acknowledge the feat I generally do not give it a thought.

What they did was hard and interesting and this and that but ultimately

so what. when I think of people that have done things that have

had a truly extraordinary effect on the world it is not athletes.

In the end analysis for me Ms. Hoffmeister has chosen to make herself

a celebrity in the very small pond of sea kayaking. Not a reluctant

celebrity but a “I want to be noticed celebrity”, and that is ok.

But as many celebs before and after her have learned or will

learn the press and peoples reactions will not all be positive.

I think what she has done is great, amazing, stupendous,

outstanding, difficult, dangerous and is much more than I can

do now or was ever able to do. Do I think she is a good person?

I have no idea. Do I think it really matters? No not really.

does it bother her that I think this? Not a bit and that is how

it should be.

so would you like to talk about it?

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You seem like a reasonable person. I like to think I'm a reasonable person. But I'm coming at this from a different perspective than you.
You say, "it is what it is". Again, I ask you to point out to me where anyone has villianized Freya Hoffmeister.

a thoughtful and logical post
I only hope no one is personally offended, or questions your manhood.

wo man
let me take a hit of acid and read that post again

that was my willy wonka act

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I was rambling, wasn't I. Let me try that again...

he’s accepting of differing opinions
so long as they don’t disagree.

Dan, you’re unwilling to accept any dissent. Here are some of the things you’ve called me so far: “moralistic, self-righteous, bony little fingers, narrow-minded, bombastic, mean-spirited, negative, morally superior, judgmental …”

But please read my original post again:

No doubt she is a great paddler

Posted by: bowrudder on Feb-16-10 9:06 AM (EST)

and has a strong will. One of the posters said, “I admire how she has the courage to do things for herself, and for no one else. That is real strength.” Very perceptive. I don’t know if it’s strength, but there’s a certain beauty and greatness in those who live for others too (I think of Ilyusha and his father in Brothers Karamazov).

What’s wrong with that?

To be morally superior, I would have to place myself above and beyond. But if you knew the reference (, you would know that I was saying just the reverse–these things apply to me too.

I don’t remember your stern condemnation when I questioned whether Andrew McCauley had acted unwisely. He was a great guy/father too.

I’m offended!
If you look at his post sideways, it looks like he’s giving us the finger!


you are a mess! That is really funny ;^)

Nice pics Dan…
but what catches my eye is the kayak your daughter is paddling…a beauty! CLC kayak?

I have followed PNET for 3yrs and…
…that is quite possibly the most creative and amusing post I have ever read. We are not worthy…

I met and spoke several times with her some years back…she is a pretty cool customer I admit. She likes to challenge and takes pride in the fact many men are intimidated by her. (by her own words) I am not one of those many as I told her…but I still think she is pretty cool.

As to her “Race around Australia”…she is still trying to conquer and intimidate I think, but in the end, who cares? Good paddle, lady. Good on you…

But I still think “…the finger post…” is the best and at least deserves a west coast tour and book signing!!!


She built it herself
The boat my daughter is paddling is a Bear Mountain Magic that she built herself over a ten month period. She started the boat when she was 13 years old. You can see the complete build journal here:


I have to say, your daughter
impresses me more than Freya! I just reviewed your album of her at 13 years old building her own kayak. Intelligent, competent, and gorgeous—you have to be one proud Dad.

I look forward to reading about her adventures one day.