Friday, I'm headed to florida

and we normally kayak the Everglades. This year the south end is closed, so I wonder about camping in the Keys. Are there islands where we can camp offshore?

We are advanced intermediate and have camped most of the sites in the Everglades. Thanks

Florida Keys Island Camping
There aren’t very many that are advertised, if any that are good for camping. Most are all mangroves with no landing sites, some with jagged rock and probably difficult to even walk on.

If they are open since hurricane wilma came to townrough, you have North Nest Key, Rabbit Key favorite Carl Ross key between Tavernier key and Flamingo.

There are two Islands with sandy beaches just east of the 7 mile bridge, ownership and restrictions I do not know.

You could paddle in-out of Long Key State Park or Bahia Honda State park, probably Summerland key private Campground also or many others with some research. Definately must have reservations and they aren’t cheap.

The locals probably know of some beaches well off shore but none that are advertised or widely known.

How about “Little Palm Island” $ 1200 a night

The local guide books don’t even include any I am aware of.



No Camping Allowed
Last I heard NO camping is allowed in the Everglades Wilderness Waterway south of the Broad River Campsite, including ALL of Florida Bay. My favorite spot, Carl Ross Key, was almost wiped off the face of the earth. Hope it don’t take nature too long to rebuild it, I want to take my daughter’s family out to it one day soon…