Frogg Toggs - Dri Ducks

Anyone have any experience with Frogg Toggs Dri Ducks 2 piece rain suit? Do they keep you dry, are they durable (enough)?

Funny you should post this. I asked about Frogg Toggs at another forum I belong to. Here is the thread:

Rain gear
I have used them, currently use them. BUT if you want cheaper–a little heavier but just as water proof, Stearns makes some called Amphibgear and it is like the Frog Toggs but the material is a little heavier.

Sportsman’s Guide carries both… at prices much cheaper than most…

Great Gear…
But then I’m prejudiced…they make them here in Arab AL…

Dri Ducks are cheaper versions of FT.
No one seems to know what you’re asking about. Dri Ducks are not the same as Frogg Toggs. They’re the cheaper version made by Frogg Toggs.

I have a pair of the Dri Ducks, got them last Fall at Gander Mountain for $15. They don’t appear as durable, but then, I don’t think the FT’s look all that durable either. But for $15? I’ve worn them once and they kept me dry in the rain. And they weigh absolutely nothing in my dry bag. Maybe you get what you pay for, but I don’t see how one can go wrong for $15 for a cheap backup. Just my 2¢.


Local store
Advertises them as: Frogg Toggs Dri Ducks

Looking on the Frogg Toggs web site, they make a bunch of stuff, one of which is called Dri Duck Suits. I see nothing actually called Frogg Toggs per se in their lineup. It is now apparently the brand rather than a model or whatever.

in any event, looks like there’s a few options to look at in all of this.

Don’t know if the price is right but Frog Togs were on sale in a recent Sierra Trading Post Cat.


Classic Suit vs. Dri Ducks.

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They're all FT's. The classic suit is what one typically thinks of as Frogg Toggs. They're $59.95 on their website. The Dri Ducks are noticeably different (read, cheaper) material. They're $14.95.


Frog Toggs classics are durable
Bass fishermen have used them for years, duck hunters love 'em, and kayak fishermen in warm weather coastal climates prefer Toggs for their rainy day gear.

love mine
ive got several sets of frog togs and i love em.

very satisfied with the performance of them and cant beat the price.

at my local bass pro shops a 2pieces suit goes for $50, but I lucked out and got a black friday super dooper christmas sale and picked up a half dozen sets for $25 apiece.

great gifts, and ive got a couple spares now.

at $50 they work just as good or better than a $200 gore tex suit. if frog toggs were 2x the price id still be satisfied with my purchase