Frogg Toggs

Anyone used them? I just got them as a gift from a colleague – looks as if they wouldn’t hold up well on a long trip?


I have them
I’ve taken them on several trips (but mostly on southwestern rivers where it never rains). This year, for the first time, I actually needed to use them for something other than breaking the wind chill. It rained for two days on the Current River in Mo. and they worked fine.

So, I’ve had them four years, taken them on 4 week long trips, but only worn them for two days in the rain.

And they’ve held up fine for that, although I too think they look fragile. And that’s all I know.

They’re very popular with Gulf Coast
kayak fishermen. Also with hunters. Don’t own a set, but my friends recommend them A bit baggy for paddling, but they’ll do the job.

My dad picked up a set
when he was visiting me in Alaska. He’s had 'em several years now and has used them frequently. Couple things: No tears or rips, but they do stain and stay stained. Also, as already mentioned, they are baggy in general. Overall, for the price, they’re pretty good. I know yours were free, I say use and enjoy without worrying about them falling apart.

They’re good in a climate like yours.

I use them on my motorcycle
They will hold up to hours of rain at 60 mph and they roll up nice and small for packing away.

Do yours have leg and sleeve

I use them
They are reasonably priced,very light weight,packable,and dry quickly.Did you get a repair patch,with it? Call them up. toll free, they will send you one,free of charge.

They also manufacture a lighter outfit,Dri Ducks, the full outfit parka & pants,$14.99,very packable,fits in a 1 gallon zip- lock bag.

Yes,I have tons of Gore-tex,But if I lose, soil,or damage,I won’t cry so hard.Also,it doesn’t hurt to have a backup,if not for you,maybe for your friend,getting wet & cold.

No snaps, the jacket is elasticised
and the pants have elastic and a short zipper (for getting them on and off over riding boots). I got the “Road Toads” which are the cheaper motorcycle type (@ $50.00), the “Elites” have more features and more than double the cost. I have had no issues with wind blowing the sleeves up, the elastic works well.

Sounds better than the heavy rain
suit I had in the early '80’s. Kept the wind and rain out, but it was a pain to carry and was hot in the summer. Garbage bags and duct tape worked too.

Use them backpacking
If you read trail reports of people that thru hike the AT they have held up to over 2k+ miles. They do a pretty good job for me. I just wish the fit wasn’t so big and they were more tapered to an athletic fit than a Santa fit. They get used most for my regular walks in the rain around the neighborhood.