From a Tarpon 140 to a Tarpon 160

I currently have several kayaks, including a Tarpon 140, but I have a younger brother that’s interested in joining me in my kayak fishing expeditions, but not yet willing to fork the money out for his own boat. Being the “great” older brother that I am, and more than willing to add to my fleet, I’m looking at the Tarpon 160i.

The only issue that I’ve had with the 140 has been the water held in the footwells. I paddle year round, so this calls for waterproof boots or waders during the cold months.

I’m curious as to whether I can expect the same with the 160.

I’m 155lbs soaking wet, but the 140 seems to hold the same water thru the scuppers no matter how much gear weight I have aboard.

Take a look on the following

The 160 is a popular kayak. I’ve not heard that it ships as much water as the 140. The latter has a reputation as a wet butt boat. From all I’ve read, the 160 is pretty fast, but a bit more tippy for those not used to kayaks. Think its more of an initial stability problem until one gets used to the kayak. Again, I’ve only read about the 160 and looked longingly at it, but some say its more difficult to turn than the 140. I take that with a grain of salt. If you are using it in the bays, the turning radius isn’t something I’d worry about. Also, its a matter of getting used to the kayak.

I owned a T160 for a while. I never had water pooling in the footwells. I weigh around 240 and it was one of the driest riding SOT’s I owned. It includes scupper plugs as well though I never used them.

Ive got a 160
and weigh 210.No water ever comes in the scuppers.Im surprised at your weight so much water enters the 140.Thats usually not a problem until weight gets up around 180 or so.Anyway,grab a 160.It’s a great yak.

I usually have about 1/2" of water standing at the front scuppers in freshwater, but there was about an inch there while in saltwater over the weekend. I’d have thought that it would have been less in the saltwater, thinking that it might be a bit more dense. I doubt that the total load (excluding the hull) was more than 200#.

the T140 is a notorius wet ride.

Fishing Kayak Dry Ride
Hello snal

I have the Tarpon 140 and my friend the 160, not much difference. For a really dry, comfortable fishing trip check out

I purchased one in April of this year and use it for everything, fishermen love it as you can also stand safely in it while fishing.

Not going to find a dryer more comfortable ride than this. Check out the site.