From CLEMSON National Championship

GO TIGERS! :smiley:

Loved it… Since Saban snuck out of Miami.

Yep, wore my Clemson shirt to the YMCA this morning. Lots of Notre Dame fans around here but I’m not one of them.

I didn’t even realize the game was yesterday, until I listened to the radio this morning.

I may have to turn in my man card.

It was a great game if you are a Clemson fan.

Don’t mean to be unPATRIOTic,
nor unRoll from red Tides oh so slick,
but to Hades with Brady and a non-bellicose chick,
and thank you Tigers to say ban same ole schtick.

Dynasty!!!? If I wanna dynasty I’ll go MINGle inna museum!


@string said:
It was a great game if you are a Clemson fan.

I concur. Was not what I was expecting but good never the less. Go Tigers!
I guess you can sum it up as “the tide got rolled”.

As a Notre Dame fan all I can say is…now I get it. Congrats.

Clemson fan up here in NH. Got to be a Clemson fan by having a daughter who went to a high school with no football team ,went to undergraduate school with no football team, and then Clemson for grad school. Now along with Clemson grad husband huge fan of college football but their house is Tiger country even my month old granddaughter was dressed in orange fpr the game. As my Son In Law says " She has had it great in her lifetime, Clemson has never lost to South Carolina, Notre Dame or Alabama how great is that"

Many of us remember all too clearly the many years we hoped the Tigers wouldn’t embarrass us, again.