From Havre de Grace to Potomac

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right part of the BB to post this, but am planning a trip that will take me down the Susquehanna to Havre de Grace and then want to get over to the Potomac. Anyone make this trip or have suggestions regarding planning and mapping?

Thanks in advance

Linda M.


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Hi linda wow sounds like a great trip. Im planning a trip on the susquehanna River (River of Islands)at the end of this summer, which will end at Havre De Grace(Harbor of Grace) but I have to tackle the South Fork Shenandoah first. I'm not sure where on the S.R. you plan on starting because theres the upper, middle and lower. any way when you come out into the Chesapeake bay you will be at the Concord Point Light House.Which is located in northern Maryland on what is knowen as the western shore. from there you head south but you should have a chart for the bay gets big when you leave the river; and a lot of traffic. any way you should stay near the west area of the bay after about 170 miles you come to Point Look Out State Park. You will want to go west there. That will put you between Maryland and Virginia.Then you will be heading somewhat northwest for about 50 some miles to Potomac Gateway Welcome center. Theres a lot prep for a trip like this and many options.
You should try looking this sight up or just type in
Chesapeake bay gateways network ..once your in theres a ton of info. tap a button that says MAP CENTER go under region and tap on diffrent parts of the map. That should give you a good jump on things keep us informed.....Thats about it in a pram shell.

hi Linda:
Don’t know where you are putting in, but the lower Susquehanna is historically a “navigational challenge”. Most of the river’s drop is in the last 30 miles (above tidewater) and you have hydroelectric plant dams to deal with as well. I live nearby, but would have no desire to paddle that stretch. Just make sure you know what to expect.

Quite a distance
1. Check in with the Chesapeake Paddlers Association. Slew of members live along that route. If you are DoD Civ. or military then a great place to stay with all the amenities would be Point Patience located a mile or so from the

Chesapeake Bay on the Patuxent River. I obtqcan get their web site if so requested. Good luck and watch out for the jellyfish. Mark