From Royalex to graphite.....

I have loved my Royalex Vagabond, but the 45 m/l lbs are too much for my aging bod (I belong to the Bad Joint of the Month Club), and just loading/unloading/carrying was inhibiting me from getting out as much as I want. So I took the plunge and ordered a graphite Vagabond, discounted for blemishes, and am quite pleased. It weighs half as much, performs better if anything, and I got out 3 times the first week. It isn’t gorgeous, but I’m told that I’m not either. Bless my wife, who encourages me to spend money on myself: “Yeah, if you don’t buy it then you can have a bigger headstone!”

Is this the Wenonah Vagabond?
There are a few different Vagabonds out there.


Congrats … very good choice
I think the best attributes of the Vagabond are it’s effortless medium speed cruising ability (low wetted surface area) and low profile to avoid windage problems. These characteristics make it a fine day tripper for exploring most flat and slow-moving waters. You’ve optimized the choice of medium length and low profile by upgrading to graphite for lightness. Good idea … this could well become your most used boat over the rest of you life!

You could lessen it’s windage even more (and simultaneously extend it’s range into rougher waters and colder seasons) by outfitting it with a snap-on spray cover … thus keeping both wind and water out while also providing for more warmth for your torso and lower body. Since it’s obviously important to you to get this canoe “right”, why not spend a bit more for a cover (and ofcourse, a solid foot brace)? With 40 lbs of waterbag ballast (to compensate a bit for it’s sharp chines) and a cover, you could take it out in rougher weather with more safety. This allows it to serve more often than just a “sunny day” daytripper.

It has the foot brace…
…as I had one on the Royalex and wouldn’t do without it. I’m looking into a cover for wind resistance primarily, but can’t get over my phobia about drilling holes (yet). I am using a couple of old air bags to block wind, but haven’t been in enough wind to see if they matter. I’ve also found I need more weight forward to level it, and hava a half-filled water jug in the bow-works great.

Yep, We-No-Nah it is.