From Seattle to the Aleutians

Well, actually its to False Pass on Unimak Island, just past the end of the Alaska Peninsula. Erin and Hig left Seattle June 9 and are walking and pack rafting 4000 miles of Coastal BC and Alaska. They reached Ketchikan (1000 miles) in 86 days. Check out their website at

We’ve been providing information and support for the Inside Passage portion of the trek.

Two reactions!
1. Makes me miss the area. I recognize that country and those areas, some exact, as I have been there. Heart is pumping.

2. How cool to shatter common thinking that one must have this or that boat to do such a journey safely!! Speaks to what is possible with the right mindset and preparation. Audrey Sutherland paddled this coast a couple of times (at least) in an inflatable.

Great story which I will immerse myself in later. Thanks!!!

Another Update
We hosted Erin and Hig for a week here in Juneau after they had walked into the BC Interior and back out along the Stikine River. From Wrangell they mainly pack rafted along Frederick Sound and Stephen’s Passage before crossing onto Admiralty Island and finally into Juneau. Their next leg takes them across Glacier Bay and the Brady Glacier before returning to the coast and a 200 mile walk to Yakutat. Their blog is worth a read.

Very cool trip
Thanks for posting!!!


Now in Valdez

– Last Updated: Dec-25-07 11:11 PM EST –

On the 200th day of their hike and paddle from Seattle the intrepid trekkers are now in Valdez. They have walked the outer coast from Juneau to Yakutat and, once past the salt water Hubbard and Malispina glaciers, have floated on thin ice into Prince WIlliam Sound.


for the story and pictures.

An amazing trip
I have been in this area also and that picture of Lucky Cove outside of Ketchikan brought back memories. I have been reading along and I am in awe of the endurance and perserverance of Erin and Hig. After a few days of being wet and cold I am ready to quit but these two go on forever.