Front bulkhead for Pungo 140

It seems that many folks agree that the Pungo 140 needs a front bulkhead, and some have installed one.

Has anyone provided any tips in doing so or have a PDF file that has the outline of the shape?

I will be trying soon, just ordered up some minicell. I have also written to Wilderness Systems asking them for help/advice.

something to think about
sorry, can’t answer your question but I have a Pungo 140 and decided not to put a front bulkhead into it. Here are a couple of uses I’ve had for the wide open front end: stowing a fishing rod, especially backing a fly rod down in there when I have to untangle some line from around the rod tip. And stowing long stuff on camping trips. Sealing the front section will increase bouyancy and make it easier to bail out in a spill but it might limit your cargo carrying ability a little. That’s not to say don’t do it. Just trade-offs to know about.

Hope this helps.


See the Pungo 140 reviews on
The most recent review describes how the reviewer installed a minicell front bulkhead in his Pungo 140.

Pungo 140 bulkhead

Perhaps I could add a door like a hatch to the bulkhead and have the best of both worlds.

140 Bulkhead
i’ve made and installed 3 of them, used 2" foam, as that’s what the one in the kayak are. email me and i can help you, i posted on the wilderness forum when they had it and they told me how to do it, but they did away with it, which was a shame.

Why not a float bag?
Even if you had a bulkhead a float bag is needed to keep you floating if the hatch comes off. They even make float bags that can be opended like a dry bag so they serve as stoage too.

I had an original Pungo classic and before I got a bow float bag I tied a sealed 5 gallon bucket in front of the foot pegs.

send me
you email addy and I’ll send you the outline.

trace it onto foam, cut out and glue (sealant) in.


Pungo 140 front bulkhead
Thanks all, I’m mailing someone on the board for a template and may go this route since I feel the yak should offer this.

A good fall project.