Front Bulkhead for Pungo 140?

I dont believe that there is a kit or plans from Wilderness Systems for a front bulkhead on the Pungo 140. Has anyone come across any aftermarket plans or have any other sugggestions (Materials, adhesive)for installing one? I am currently using a float bag, but would like to have the additional storage.

No grey thing?

Here is one !
Just strap it in to the seat rails.

I was shopping around for foam to replace structural pillars that got lost from my kayak recently. Sweet composites has the material I need, which apparently is also used to build bulkheads. You can find some hints at how to do it on their web site:

I suspect you could find more or better info if you searched.

How will the bulkhead provide more storage? Will you also add a hatch? Or maybe there is already a hatch? Even if not for storage, it is a good idea to limit the water in the kayak in the event you swamp.


minicell foam
Poly kayak bulkheads are normally made from 3" thick minicell foam that’s glued to the inside of the kayak. Don’t think that a thinner material will work, it’s not rigid enough to stay in place.

Most decent kayak stores will have it, sweet compoisites price though is excellent and good service.

Bill H.


Thanks for the replies. If this is sucessful, I think I’ll post the results to save others the frustration…hopefully!

ac will sell you a b/h or send you the pattern.

the 09’s will come with a fwd b/h!