Front Bulkhead For the Pungo

Wilderness Systems is now putting a front bulkhead in the Pungo. I ordered one from my dealer Wilderness Trips of Wilmington, Delaware and it arrived this week. Being able to secure the front of the kayak from water will really help on the rivers. It cost $85 and came with sealant for its installation.

Good information, though it might be
cheaper to just put in a nosebag.

WS Tsunami…
I wonder if they make a piece for seperation between the dayhatch and large hatch in the back of the WS TSunami 140??? Without it, the day hatch is useless.

Make your own Bulkheads
There have been some good posts with instructions for making custom bulkheads. Since the foam from Wilderness needs to be trimmed to get a good fit, you might as well start from scratch. That price is pretty steep for a chunk of foam and some glue.

The glue wound up
being wasted. I installed the bulkhead this afternoon and the glue tube broke at the bottom… What an awful mess! I got glue everywhere but where it belonged. After cleaning up I disposed of what remained of the tube and used GE silicone. I hope it works…

pungo bulkhead
wilderness-systems should put it in them from the factory, especially for what they are getting for the kayak now, its getting way to high in price for a rec-kayak to start with, it needs the bulkhead for a safety aspect also, as that piece of foam in the front is “useless”, i have made 7 or 8 of them and installed, i made a template 4 yrs. ago, you can do it yourself for less than 30.00, good luck with the install, hope the silicone seals ok.

They are now
which is why it’s available. Of course you have to have the current Pungo style. I didn’t need to trim the foam at all. It was a tight fit but that’s what you expect and want.

Materials to use
Can you provide details on the foam you use to make the bulkhead?

Closed cell foam
The same stuff that pillars are made of. Closed cell foam about 3 inches thick should do it. I’ve never made a bulkhead myself but the information is available on the archives or elsewhere on the net.