Front Deck Spare Paddle Tubes???

Where can you get some of those black PVC bent tubes that people afix to their bow bungees into which they insert their spare paddle shaft?

You know the ones…they are about a foot long and curve to roughly 90 degrees on one end. I have seen people drill holes in them through which they thread their deck bungees at the bow of the kayak.

It appears to be a standard plumming pipe, but where do you get BLACK PVC plumming pipe and what is the “proper name” of this pipe section?

Better yet…anyone have an online source?



Try 1.5" ABS. They are under-sink drain elbows, available at the local plumbing supply, Home Depot, or whatever.

pvc pipe

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hi bowler ...i've seen those items to..most i have seen are home built units, copied from someone else. You should be able to buy the pipe @ any lumber/ plumbing store or large retail chain like Lowe's or Home Depot in white or black .it's just common PVC or ABS pipe.. Not sure what the 90 is you mention though ... just a 90 elbow glued to the end of the pipe maybe??

It is a common plumbing part for a sink drain. The short end of the 90 degree bend comes threaded and we just cut off the threaded end.

Black ABS units seem hard to find. I used white on our QCC for that reason and it works great. If anyone finds black online I am looking for black for my Nordkapp.

Check out:

There’s some very good info here. Further down the thread I list a company that makes what you’re looking for. For whatever reason, I’ve got a True Value 5 minutes from me that always stocks the 1.5" ABS sink waste arms in question. Just used ‘em a a couple of hours ago as I pulled one side of the spare out and rolled back up with it. I found that when you drill the holes through the ABS for the bungees, ( ) it’s actually quite brittle, believe it or not and you need to be careful doing so. Since the pic above, I replaced the tubes again and left them full length. That generates more friction (more surface area in contact) between shaft and tube and the shafts stay in better. I’ve found (maybe it’s just me) that in surf, if the tubes are too short and/or you don’t shove them shafts in with a little authority (don’t crack the shaft ends…), the surf will still take out the paddle. Still much better than only ‘surf wrapped’ bungees. Another major advantage is that you can restow half shafts on the water–can’t do that with bungee 6’ in front of you that you can’t reach. I put a couple of rope end stoppers on the front deck to help with grabbing that last front deck bungee to get the shaft under when restowing on water.

Hope this helps.

waste elbow
is the proper term. white is EZ to find. black takes some detective work.


make your own or call body boat blade

look for garbage disposal elbows
they seem to be the black ones …

That will slow you down in those 40 knot
winds !



Black tubes
Try the plastic pipe used for underground sprinkler systems. It’s cheap, not brittle, can be formed with a heat gun. If making weird bends, tape the ends, fill with dry sand, and form with heat gun.

Easier to just stop off at Lowes on the
way home and buy a set of black waste elbows.


not for nothing…
but if you don’t want to put the tubes on your foredeck you can affix the splits quite securely by…

take the split and with the blade towards the bow insert the end where it joins under the bungie farthest from the cockpit…now swing the bladed end around and then insert that under the bungie closest to the cockpit. repeat for the other split.

in my experience, that holds them pretty securely and far better than just sliding them beneath the individual bungies.

that closest to the bow bungie where it’s wrapped around the shaft holds the split from moving too far side/side which is how i seem to end up losing the splits from the deck in surf and such.

the tubes seem to work well too though!

Split holders

For some examples of these in use and home made.

here are some detail pix of mine
but alas there are NO black tubes in the state of RI…i have tried…

if someone finds a set and wants to send them to me that would be grand!!! and the following pictures…

I will
Probably have a crap load of them soon if you’d like to buy some…