Front/Rear Entry Dry Suits

Please share your opinions.

prefer front entry
It seems the front entry are easier to get on and off without help.

Both of mine are front entry.

Rear entry suits use shorter zippers. This makes the suits less expensive and (maybe) a bit more “sure” with respect to leaking.

Front entry zippers are easier to use without help.

I’ve used both, and prefer the rear entry. Less leakage at the skirt when doing repeated rolls or crashing surf, or whitewater. Not a problem zipping, I can do it as is or if I’m a little stiff, I carry a length of rope to put through the zipper pull.

I prefer re-entry suits
less water gets past the tunnel and skirt. The only draw back is that I can’t quickly unzip and pee with a re-entry.

I Like My Palm Stikine Rear Entry
way better than my Kokatat front entry. Mostly because the Palm is designed for someone with more than just skin and bones. Feel like a contortionist getting my head into the Kokatat.