Frontier Canoe

Has anyone heard of Frontier Canoes? There is one for sale in the Tampa area, and I am just trying to get some further info. The canoe is fiberglass, and 14’ long.


Ed Steele

Is there a reason you want a 14’ boat
in a flatwater state? Hold out for a foot or two longer.

Why 14’…
I currently own a 16’ Grumman ABS (not aluminum) and used to have a Mohawk 16’ fiberglass. While I really like both boats, cartopping has become a bit of a chore. That much weight stretched out over 16 feet is not the easiest to carry anymore. If I could afford a 16’ kevlar it would be different.


You have a point, I’ve spent a lot on
lighter canoes in my late advancing middle age. I googled quite a bit on versions of “frontier canoes” and didn’t come up with anything. Hope someone has heard of them and knows something about them.


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from my undersanding from seeing them here in Canada are inexpensive, fibreglass chopper gun layup canoes. Quite wide, sometimes "Y" stern, sometimes not. Could be a totally different canoe though. Hope this helps.

I am a little late on this very old post. I am aware of them. Frontier canoes are out of Cheyenne Wyoming. They have been making canoes since the late 70s or early 80s. I do know they were still making some boats around 2010. The molds and plugs are currently for sale on Ebay. They looked like pretty high quality boats from the photos I saw.