Frontier Fiberglass Canoe

A friend moved into his new house and found a 14’ fiberglass conoe burried under leaves and brush behind the yard shed. It was black from the rotten leaves and actually had vines growing over the top of it. We pulled it out and I took it home and scrubbed it down, There aren’t any major scratches or dings. The gunnels are aluminum. The paint lost its glossy finish but once I waxed it, the shine came back. The name on the side is Frontier Fiberglass - 14’. The hull seems solid but is the uncared for fiberglass still good? I can’t find the canoe manufacturer on the internet. Any thoughts? I think is a great conoe. I own two Bell royalex and one Merrimack. This one is flat bottom with molded keel. Just what I need, a fishing canoe. Ben

frontier fiberglass canoe
I have a 15 foot frontier which I just obtained. It is a joy to paddle and is well suited for fishing. The fiberglass should be ok. I found that the aluminum gunnels are not to my liking. So I plan to replace them with wood during the course of the winter. Also, I found that the seats were too high in the canoe for me. I plan to lower them to the middle of the canoe and possibly move the fore seat back about 10 or 12 inches. My wife is usually stationed there and she complained about the cramped legroom. I also looked for Frontier Canoe company without sucess. If you find anything on them let me know please. Enjoy the “new” canoe and let me know how it is doing.

Frontier Fiberglass
Hey guys, I think I can help here. I found an old 17" fiberglass tandem kayak that sat under a tree for years and also black from dirt and rotten leaves. The guy sold it to me for $50

Check out the Coast Guard boat manufacturers database here:

My HIN started with ZLJ. Enter that in the MIC code and search. It shows the company went out of business in the early 1990’s and was located in Mission, British Columbia, near Vancouver. I am near Seattle.