Frost River and Ada

As I explore options for next summer, my wife remembers being told by a ranger or counter worker at one of the state parks in Minnesota how beautiful the Frost River route was. On the other hand, my wife discovered she does not like going up a muddy creek with many beaver dams to haul over(Oyster Creek in the NW of BWCA) She does not mind portaging around things. Has anyone been through Frost River and any comments about it? Is it a tough route in low water? Also, is there much of a problem getting through Ada Lake north of Cherokee? I saw a note saying the north end of Ada can be a problem in low water. Has anyone experienced it in low water or dry stretches?

Frost River Route
Last summer in early June I paddled Sawbill, Cherokee, Gordon, Frost Lake, Frost River, Little Sagnaga, Elton , Makwa, Pan, Kivaniva, Kasishiwi River, Malberg, Koma, Lake Polly, Phoebe River, Hazel, Phoebe Lake, Grace, Beth, Alton and back into Sawbill. Seven days & nights paddleing. It was a great trip. A number of great campsites and a few poor ones. The Frost river is remote but an easy paddle. It you want a little excitement don’t take the portage from Whipped Lake into Mora. Stay on the water into Time Lake. Getting around the falls and rapids before Time Lake is diffucult as there is no portage trail. We carried the packs up and around on the right side and walked the canoes thru the rapids. It was not easy, but it was fun.

You can also put in at Ham Lake from the Gunflint Trail and come down to the Frost.

Let me know if you want more info.

Frost River Route
There were no beaver dams or mud on the Frost. It’s a nice paddle. We had no problem with Ada. I’ve been told that the Frost should be paddled in early summer for the high water.