Frozen Formula 303

I left my 303 in the garage this winter, and I’m sure it froze. The container says “do not freeze.”

So… think it’s still good? How would one know?

Probably not
When liquids freeze, many of the dissolved materials in them precipitate out. Just re-dissolving them may not be sufficient to have a product that will do what you are expecting it to do.

I suggest that you bring it up to about
100 degrees F, and then use a blender or fast mixer to get it thoroughly mixed. Then put it in a glass container and see whether it settles out. If you don’t see anything settling out after half an hour, go ahead and try to use it according to instructions. If it leaves a slightly greasy coat, and buffs to a fairly dry film, then it should be good to use.

303 Products
has excellent customer service. Just send them an e-mail or give them a phone call and they will tell you the right answer.

Its not any good anyway!!!

I disagree Duggae!
I think 303 is great stuff for vinly, plastic & Rubber. I have been using it for years on poly kayaks, the vinly top on my Mazda Miata, and the tires of all of my cars.

I Do not like it for fiberglass, but I think it is great for everything else it is made for.

Duggae, what do feel is it shortcomings?
I’ve used it for years and feel it’s a great product, never heard of anyone not liking it. I’m not trolling , just wonder why you don’t care for it.