Ft. Myers, FL paddling?

Hi - We are going to be in Ft Myers, FL at the end of March, and I have the itch to paddle (it’s been a long winter here in WI). I’ve read various posts here and elsewhere, but am looking for more input.

We’re flying down, so we will need to rent a canoe or 2 kayaks. We are experienced in either. I am not looking to spend a buncha $$, so any economical suggestions will be appreciated. We will be interested in day trips, nothing extended.

One trip this summer will be exploring the Michigamme Resevoir near Crystal Falls, MI. Any of you ever been there?

cYa Jim

Ft Meyers

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Go to Weekly Articles under Features on this site and look for Ft Myers photo trip. This article has some good paddle links for the Ft Myers area.

Ft. Myers, FL paddling?
Thanks, that is one of the pieces of info I’ve been able to find. I read it a few months back when it was first posted.

Just looking for other ideas / suggestions…

Thanks Jim

I envy you, Jim…
…you’re going to one of the premier paddling destinations. There are so many places to paddle near there & all kinds of experiences. Sannibel & Captiva can give you bay/ocean paddles on the same trip. I especially enjoyed Lovers Key SP, just south of Ft. Myers Beach. You can paddle around and/or through it (at high tide). This is undeveloped, all natural surroundings, whereas parts of the other islands are enclaves of the wealthy. Great seashelling at all of these…I had some beautiful shells in my boat after paddling through Lovers Key & some brats stole every one of them, but even that did not ruin a very memorable day!

Have a blast! (PS can’t help on outfitters…I had my stuff along)

Sannibel and Michigamme
we took a little tour with Tarpon explorers into the Ding Darling preserve through the mangroves- great trip.

I have not canoed Michigamme reservoir but have fished it. It’s pretty and a lot of different bays and rivers to explore but you will be on the water with power boats. The Paint river just west of the Michigamme would be another consideration. Be aware there is a canal that connects Peavy Pond to the Paint to divert water for the power plant on the Michigamme river at the dam that forms Peavy Pond. Boats can travel that canal and fish the lower Paint. Some of the roads that approach Michigamme Reservoir can be pretty rough- soft sand, especially if it has been raining. We went in on both the west side (the worst roads) and on the east actually on the river about 2-3 miles north of Channing, that road was more gravel and less worried we might get stuck.