Full covers and "greenhouse" effect.

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Is it possible?

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It's true, the kayak will be protected from UV radiation. However, a waterproof cover, if not vented, may cause heat build-up inside, many times greater than the temperature outside. Much like in a greehouse. Although it's just a theory of mine, it seems plausible.

I don't imagine a composite kayak would be affected by this, but poly boats, are easily affected by high temperatures.

Has anyone ever experienced any problems with full kayak covers?

don’t think so
although the temp may build up more than the outside, I don’t think it will approach “many times more” and here’s why. A greenhouse works as it does because visible light and ultra violet light pass through clear windows or panels where they are then absorbed by the plants/dirt. They are then re-transmitted as infared light which does not pass readily through the windows and thus heat builds up. With a kayak, the light, visible or not, doesn’t pass readily through the kayak, so the heat doesn’t build up nearly as much.

Just a guess…
Take a tupperware kayak and put it out in the open sun in Miami, and put one lone 2" x4" under the cockpit, and then cover it with a black tarp.

I would envision that it would have quite a bend in it at the endo of a summer.

No greenhouse affect. Just plain old heat!