Full Marks, Kokatat & Local Paddle Shop

-- Last Updated: Mar-08-07 12:53 PM EST --

Late last season, I noted that the neoprene neck seal on my Kokatat SuperNova semidry suit had shed some flakes of rubber. Took it into the Outfitters, our local outdoor store in St. John's, NL, where we'd purchased our SuperNovas 18 months previously. They checked it out, and suggested it go back to Kokatat when the season ended.
In early January, I delivered the suit to the Outfitters, and they shipped it off to Kokatat, saving me a lot of hassle re packing it up, insuring it, getting a return authorization number, etc.
Last week, got a call from the Outfitters - "..Your suit's back..." and my wife picked it up the following day. As I'd expected, Kokatat, who've long enjoyed an excellent reputation for warranty work, had replaced the neck seal free of charge - full marks there.
When I checked the invoice, I found that the Outfitters, in addition to handling all the work involved in returning the suit, had even absorbed the freight charge - now that's what I call exemplary customer service. Three guesses where we'll be making future purchases...and the first two don't count :->))

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