Fulton or Reese canoe caddy

going to be ordering a canoe caddy so I can load by myself, see we have fulton canoe caddy in the reviews but not Reese. Which do you think is better and why, or are they the same. Resse is $6 cheaper

fulton or reese
has anyone used the reese canoe caddy

I have the Fulton
I bought mine off ebay used for use on my Pathfinder. It works well. The criticism of it is that it will sway back and forth. That can be solved by securing it when you strap down your boat. I don’t worry about it because once I load mine I release the pin and lower it down a little so it doesn’t influence the ride of the boat. It helps me to load a 70 pound boat by myself. I don’t have any experience with the Reese. God Bless. Dwayne

fulton or reese
thanks, do you strap the bar to the bumper, but i like the ideal of lowering the canoe, mine weiths 70 lbs too and my canoes buddys are 3 and 4

It’s not really an issue for me. I put the stern up on the T-Bar and use a bungy cord to keep it there. ONce I spin it around and set it on the load bars the loader has done its job. I lower the pin on notch and leave the bungee attached. The canoe actually keeps the loader from swaying at that point because it gets strapped down to the load bars.

The only time where I could see the swayiny be a serious issue would be if you were using it to support the load in transit. I can see where someone trying to use this product as a rear support on a pickup truck would have to tie down the load to prevent the swaying?