fun at Pictured Rocks

MUNISING, Mich. — The U.S. Coast Guard rescued a boater who tried to swim to shore in Lake Superior after a small sailboat capsized and also helped round up roughly 30 empty kayaks that were adrift in the lake.

And the tour operator was???
“The kayakers were part of a guided tour to Pictured Rocks. On their way back the winds had picked up and many were unable to make any headway towards the shore.”

I don’t know but
I’m not surprised this happened during a tour, based on the operator(s) I’ve seen on my past trips there.

rescue in storm
is this storm right ?

Gichi Gami
Superior is no joke to paddle, especially for a novice. I think the mentality one gets when paddling in a tour group is that you are safer & nothing can happen.

Just remember you sign your life away on those liability waivers before the trip for a reason…

Tour operator was Uncle Ducky
Here’s the story:

Why didn’t the “guide” call for help?

I dont think Uncle Ducky has
a stellar reputation.

From what I have heard and once in Pictured Rocks seen, Trek and Trail does.

The comments. Half the people think kayaks are incompatible with the great lakes.